How many fish can you keep in new jersey?

Only one daily crucible of any species of fish can be in possession of. An uncompensated circular hook is required statewide for bait fishing (see the Circular Hook Requirements section for striped bass in the Summary of Fishing Rules). That's why it's important to check regularly with the state agency for recent changes and updates in fishing regulation. Learn about New Jersey's general freshwater fishing rules that apply to methods, season, size and trawl limits for freshwater species in all waterways in the state, including tidal waters.

This page is based on regulations published by the New Jersey Federal Fish and Wildlife Act and the Federal Recreational Fishing Regulations. New Jersey freshwater fishing regulations may apply to species such as the black bass, the smallmouth bass, the northern pike, the tiger musk, the musk jungle, the common pickerel, striped pike perch, canal catfish, crappie and sunfish. Here are some examples of regulations you should consider when fishing in freshwater in New Jersey (see New Jersey Wildlife Fisheries Division %26 for current regulations and updates). Once you know New Jersey's freshwater fishing limits, you can take the next step to create new memories on the water by purchasing your New Jersey fishing license online.

Get your New Jersey fishing license and check for updates to freshwater regulations before planning your fishing trip to New Jersey. Be sure to review all licensing options, as there are different types of freshwater fishing licenses for New Jersey residents, non-residents, and active military personnel. The following table shows the seasonal minimum size and possession limits for marine fishing in New Jersey waters and in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of New Jersey. Get fishing tips and tricks and read personal stories of fishermen who live and breathe fishing and boating.

New Jersey's freshwater fishing size regulations and other freshwater regulations are subject to change based on fish population assessments obtained by the New Jersey Wildlife Fisheries Division %26.

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