How many tuna can you catch at once?

Currently, commercial fisheries can catch and sell three large bluefin tuna per trip, while recreational fishermen can keep one bluefin tuna per day. The important thing to keep in mind is that “unless modified”, since bluefin tuna usually has changes in retention limits during the season, since catch data is good due to the 24-hour notification requirement. Perhaps the most challenging, frustrating, and rewarding part of Wicked Tuna is the fact that ultimately capture has the upper hand. NOAA Fisheries will closely monitor the general category catch rates associated with the various types of gear authorized during the period from June to August and will actively adjust the daily retention limit as appropriate to improve scientific data collection and ensure fishing opportunities in all the respective subquotas of the time period, as well as ensure that the available quota is not exceeded.

Fishing in Tautog improved this week, as fishermen caught rangers across the bay and along the coastal coast.

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