How many yellowfin tuna can you keep per person?

The limits of the bags are 3 yellowfin tunas of more than 27 per person per day. A federal HMS fishing permit is required in federal waters. This permit is not required for fishermen who catch beefish, swordfish or sharks in state waters. National Marine Fisheries imposes a catch limit of 3 yellowfin tunas per person, in addition to the current 27-inch fork length.

For years, our fleet has had a self-imposed limit of 24 tunas and the federal limit will only help ensure that everyone complies with the regulations. Pride said the recreational fishermen he had spoken to applauded the two-fish limit for bluefin tuna classes. Another proposal would require owners of private, party or charter boats to obtain a permit to fish or fish any tuna in the Atlantic after January. Any HMS fish caught in state and federal waters (excluding sharks and bluefin tuna) that lands (killed and taken ashore) must be reported to the NOAA Fisheries Office within 24 hours.

Tunas that are not regulated by the federal government are considered “unregulated species” in Florida waters. If you and three of your fishing buddies went ashore and caught 10 yellowfin tunas, you would have to come home on top of the 40 fish. Let me start by telling those of you waiting for the reports to arrive that tuna fishing is something out of this world and that it's time to book your trip that this is the report you've been waiting for. The captains of chaterboats from Oregon Inlet and Virginia Beach already limit their customers to three tunas a day, without any regulations.

Captain Brian Porter and his teammates Buck Tshudy and Marshall Freng of Boss Hogg also had a crazy day fishing for tuna, putting 18 yellow fins in the box of the ballyhoo and spreader bars. The All In with captain Scott Stapleford, from Bahia Marina, was also all the rage today, with three “bluefin tuna” and eight yellow-fin tunas for a happy crew. Offshore fishing for yellow-fin tuna on the Outer Banks of North Carolina is one of the best in the world.

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